‘Merica! Home of the Rave

O, hi-o!

On a scale of 1 to ‘Merica, how free are you April 5th? Either way, amend your schedule so you can be president that frieday because we, the people of the United Students for Awesome, in order to get freeking down on the dance floor, are cons-truck-ting the Maine event of your college career even if it Texas all night. You RED this WHITE, we’ll BLUE your mind. You are probably asking yourself right now, “White, House are they going to pull that off???” Step 1. We’ll have some Illi noise produced by a 90’s cover band. Step 2. We’ll, with the addition of some tempo and base,ball on the next level with DJ KREG.

I can’t explain the science behind what allows us to rage this hard, it justice a fact. We will have free food, free drinks, and most importantly, FREE-DOM!! Call your friends, call your senators, calony body that knows how to get redneckulus on the dance floor.

You don’t have to be from America to come. You could be from MadaNASCAR, Porteagle, or any other faraway, Mary land to enjoy this cultural melting pot of an experience.

What should you wear? Be creative! You could wear that New Jersey you got of your favorite American sports team.

In the words of our great founding fathers, the Beastie Boys, “Thou must fight for thy Bill-of’ed Rights to Paaaaaaarrrrrrttttttaaaaaayyy!”

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