Neon Frights

Have you been dying to shake your BOOty? Tired of being alone in your broom, goblin up ice scream with no-Body around? Are you a vampire? Then conjure up your tombmate, summon your ghoul friends, and brain your BOO to Callaway Plaza at Bobby Dodd Stadium this Halloween where WRECKless will be ghosting a rave’n party.

DJ KREG and DJ Ria Storm will be spinning up a web of spooky sick beats that will give you Goosebumps. Don’t feast on the villagers, we’ll have free food and candy to satisfy your hunger for flesh. There Will Be Blood… as a refreshment. Oh, there’s also water and coke for the puny humans.

OOGABOOGA! Scared? If you just required a change of pants, then stay in your coffin because our Haunted House is so freaky, you’ll get nightmares for a w-EEEK. Don’t go crying to your mummy, we candy-corned you. And don’t worry about any c-reapers lurking around, we have scarecrows to scare them away.

I know what you’re thinking, “What do I wear in the human realm?” Just be your scary self for the Costume Contest of corpse! So don’t be a witch, grab the gang and head over to Callaway Plaza in the Mystery Machine for fright of your life!