Our Team



The President is responsible for the Executive Board, oversees all organization affairs, and leads weekly meetings. Abby represents our organization at conferences, conventions, and faculty or alumni meetings.

Executive Vice President


The Executive Vice President is responsible for planning and executing bonding activities throughout the year.  Morgen also starts our meetings with fun activities and plans other events for our members outside of scheduled meetings such as (but not limited to) date nights.

VP of Administration and Recruitment


The Vice President of Recruitment and Administration organizes our recruitment processes and records and distributes meeting minutes to the members. Jill is in charge of our roster and collecting the attendance of each member every week.

VP of Publicity


The Advertising Committee is responsible for all on-campus promotions of our club and club events (both physical such as tabling/chalking/flyers, and on social media).

VP of Finance


The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating funding via formal applications to GT organizations (such as the Student Government Association) and through creative fundraising ideas.

VP of Logistics


While all members of Wreckless help plan and execute our events, the Logistics Committee is responsible for finalizing the details of an event in advance (event timing, location, material needs, duties, etc.).